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Barnìa – extra virgin olive oil

The flavors

Fruity light – Monocultivar “Pisciottana”

A fruity and light olive oil. It is interesting because it smells like wild flowers, olive trees’ leafs, aromatic herbs. If you taste it, you can easily recognise artichoke, cardoon and lettuce flavour. A balance of bitter and chilly. It leaves a bitter almond after-taste. A fresh and simple oil.

Fruity medium – Monocultivar “Leccina”

It clearly smell like green olive and olive trees’ leaf; the taste is strong: bitter and chilly. A very elegant oil and an exellent product, thanks to all its qualities.



To have extravirgin olive oil, the oil’s acidity has to be less than 0.80%.

Banìa olive oil’s acidity is between 0.18% and 0.23%.

Acidity is not the only quality standard, others are foundamental:

Phenols – antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Peroxides – oil ageing index

Monosatureds – anticholesterol


“Pisciottana” olive trees are typical in Cilento National Park; they are called in this way because of the village “Pisciotta”. Olive trees are an almost holy tradition in this lands: indeed, they can’t be cut. The “Pisciottana” trees are here since hundreds, maybe thousand of years ago.

Barnìa Pisciottana oil can be used cooked or not.

On the other hand, “Leccina” trees are in Cilento sice some decades ago. This oil is stronger, so it has to be used more carefully, better if not cooked.

Le ricette

Pane e Olio

Pane e Olio

Colazione e merenda

It is the simplest and the most delicious recipe: just bread (better if homemade and warm), oil and salt. We grow up with this for breakfast or snack.

Foglie e patate

Foglie e patate

Aglianico obbigatorio

Fry green vegetables in oil with garlic and chilli pepper and add boiled potatos: you will have one of ours traditional meals.

Tomato salad

Tomato salad

Piatto unico

Tomatos, olives, tuna, onion and… oil; the summer in a dish.



Quello che trovi

“Ciambotta” is a traditional southern Italy dish. It is made with peppers, courgettes, aubergines, potatos and basically what you have in the fridge (or in the garden!).

Green beans with mint

Green beans with mint

Facile facile

Green beans, garlic, mint and … oil!



La base

Italian “soffritto”: the base for every recipe.

Cook carrots, onion and celery in extravirgin oil and you will smell Italian houses’ aroma.



Extravirgin olive oil has to be conserved in a fresh place (6-20 degrees). Better in the dark.